Michel Blazy, Le Mur qui boit du vin, 2014. Glass, wine, plasterboard, bottles. Variable dimensions. Courtesy of Fondation d’Entreprise Hermes, PARIS © Nacàsa & Partners

In extenso has the pleasure to present “On loop”, an exhibition by the artists Michel Blazy (Monaco, 1966) and Enzo Mianes (Toulouse, 1988). Proposing a multidisciplinary artistic intervention that spreads out in several places in the city centre of Clermont-Ferrand, the artists seek to make the public aware of the survival of ecosystems, the link between life and death, the dichotomy between nature and culture.

Exhibition until July 15, 2021

In extenso
12 Rue de la Coifferie
63000 Clermont-Ferrand/FR

More information: www.inextenso-asso.com