The show will be closed from June 19 until June, 27 (included).

“Before we had language and written stories we had images. There were ways of holding and communicating knowledge that did not require words; ways that had to do with the body and movement, like the form of a dance or a facial expression, or produced through drawing and images such as cave paintings. There is a language of the imagination and a life of the mind that predates logical reasoning and the urge to categorise. They are modes of thought deeply embedded in human culture and psychology.

Encountering the works of Caroline Achaintre is like taking a field trip to this different life of the mind. Her creations are full of idiosyncratic personalities and psychological resonances. They are at the same time majestic and absurd, transgressive and homely. Like artefacts of a lost civilisation or creatures that have wandered from the pages of an otherworldly bestiary, they challenge and play with our perceptions and emotions. They return our gaze, they get under our skin, they make us laugh, they hide secrets, they resist interpretation, and pose questions that do not have answers.”

Excerpt from the press release, Brian Cass

« Jacob Kassay’s works assimilate all the conditions in which they are exhibited. The same stands true of the expectations that these conventions have created for the production of art as well as other types of goods, such as those whose desirability conceals a dose of mystery and a dose of frustration. »

–Extract of the press release, Julie Portier, 2024

We are pleased to invite you to discover Olio e pepe, the group show that gathers the gallery’s figurative painters.


Whitney Bedford
Pierre Bellot
Jean-Luc Blanc
Nina Childress
Vidya Gastaldon
Miryam Haddad
Lothar Hempel
Andrew Lewis
Philippe Perrot
Jean-Michel Sanejouand

“If there is one thing Richard Fauguet has got us used to, it’s his use of puns and set phrases in the names of his exhibitions, which, in an area of art where seriousness reigns supreme, can be disconcerting. His new exhibition at the Art : Concept gallery is no exception to this (pseudo) rule, and, from the outset, Pipe-Show makes us smile with the promise of an alluring performance.”*

*Excerpt from the press release by Xavier Franceschi, curator of the show.

The gallery team is deeply saddened by the death of Lin May Saeed.
Despite this terrible news, we have chosen to maintain the exhibition organized in recent years in collaboration with the artist and his gallery Jacky Strenz. Because this exhibition was so important to her, and because we are convinced of the importance of her work, we are continuing this project in her memory with a selection of recent works.

Lin May Saeed’s latest series illustrate a certain narrative of the conflictual relationship between humans and animals, from prehistory to the present day. Her various references, drawing on both Western traditions and her Judeo-Arabic heritage, range from the Animal Liberation Front to Die Brücke and ancient Mesopotamia*.

With enchanting dexterity, Lin May Saeed transforms ordinary, inexpensive materials into something sublime. Far from monumental, their “provisional” aesthetic turns away from traditional production and preservation techniques: marble or bronze are replaced by sculpted polystyrene blocks.*

*Joe Scotland, Director, Studio Voltaire

Art : Concept is pleased to present Andrew Lewis’s fifth solo exhibition, Au Bonheur des femmes (The Women’s Delight).

With this new series, based on Emile Zola’s novel Au Bonheur des dames (The Ladies’ Delight), the British artist continues his reflection on the renewal and relevance of genre painting.

Art : Concept is pleased to present a new solo show by Julien Audebert.

“Man is this night, this empty nothingness that contains everything in the simplicity of this night, a wealth of representations, infinitely multiple images, none of which precisely come to mind […]. It’s this night that we discover when we look into a man’s eyes – we plunge our gaze into a night that becomes frightening, it’s the night of the world that comes forward here to meet each and every one of us.”*

In his new series entitled La nuit du monde, Julien Audebert translates the philosopher’s nocturnal thought. Hegel developed the idea of thought as a passage between two nights: the one from which we must extract ourselves to gain knowledge, and the more perilous one into which we must plunge again at the end of the mind’s journey.

By painting these portraits on copper, Julien Audebert creates a circulation in which this meaning of passage is embedded.
The portrait is built around two holes, the result of an action by the artist who, through this breakthrough, explores the limits of representation and the materiality of his support. Through this gesture, the void becomes the place where the artist’s gaze and that of the viewer meet.

*Friedrich Hegel

We are pleased to announce Nina Childress’ first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Artist’s page on our website

Nina Childress

Art: Concept is pleased to present Lazy Self Embrace, Aks Misyuta’s first solo show in Paris.

Her expressive characters, struck by a bright light that contrasts with the black background of the canvas, are immediately recognizable. Both robust and vulnerable in their lascivious attitudes, they seem to silently claim a right to idleness.

Responding to these paintings, bronze sculptures of reduced size, representing bodies deformed by interior tumults and implying the ridicule of monumentality, pushing to the limits of abstraction.

Aks Misyuta was born in 1984 in Bryansk (Russia).
She has been living and working in Istanbul (Turkey) since 2018.

She is currently represented by Gallery Sébastien Bertrand, Geneva (Switzerland).

We are pleased to announce the second solo show by Giuseppe Gabellone at Art : Concept.