Giuseppe Gabellone

Born in 1973 in Brindisi (Italy), Giuseppe Gabellone lives and works in Paris. He is one of the most prominent members of Il gruppo di Via Fiuggi, the group of Via Fiuggi Street, which uses Arte Povera and post-minimalist sculpture as sources of inspiration to redefine contemporary art in Italy.
Since the middle of the 90’s, Gabellone explores the relationship between sculpture and photography in order to create new languages through visual enigmas such as the staircase that leads nowhere, Period (1997).
With his series of works in bas-relief, he experiments with different materials, including polyurethane foam, and develops innovative photographic techniques. His constructions are halfway between abstraction and reality, and appeal to the sense of sight as well of touch.
There is a parallel between photography and the materials he uses – both have the ability to record and preserve traces of the passage of time.
Gabellone’s artworks were exhibited in a number of solo shows worldwide including those at GAMeC and galleria Zero in Milan, greengrassi in London, Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.
His work is also a part of the perminant collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago and the Centre Pompidou of Paris.

Art : Concept is pleased to announce Giuseppe Gabellone’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Opening Saturday October 12th from 6pm.