23.04.2022 - 21.05.2022
Try doing anything without it
Kate Newby

Presentation of the exhibition

Art : Concept is pleased to present Try doing anything without it, the first solo exhibition of Kate Newby at the gallery.

“Kate Newby (b. Aotearoa New Zealand in 1979, lives and works in Texas) often speaks of her work from the standpoint of “care.” Her work invokes kinship, communion, and the safe keeping of commonplace objects and the physical phenomena that shape them. Using methods and production schedules that condition the work in its becoming, she asks what is possible in a material’s life cycle, and the varied unknowns in its manufacture.”

“For Try doing anything without it, the artist has created work made locally in France and tailored to the specific architecture of the gallery […]. What unites these works is the act of letting materials perform, without too much control over their own agency. By directing our attention to changing aspects in the larger social fabric, Newby asks for attunement, particularly to the often overlooked smaller details, rhythms, and scales in life.”

Extract of the press release, by Jennifer Teets, Paris, April, 2022