Ulla von Brandenburg, 24 Filme, kein Schnitt, Mamco, Geneva, 29/10/14 – 18/01/15

As its title (‘24 films, no edits’) so soberly indicates, Ulla von Brandenburg’s exhibition in a maze-like configuration on the fourth floor of the museum presents 24 films made since the turn of the millennium and now brought together for the first time: 24 films that are uncut, except insofar as the camera allows it. Most of them thus consist of a single long take, and last no longer than the reel of film on which they have been shot. Their details are toned down by the use of black-and-white, the camera movement is hazy, and the scenery, clothing and accessories do not indicate any particular period or place — a loss of spatial and temporal clues that encourages the visitor to walk through the exhibition like a Symbolist reverie, with fragments of nursery rhymes, spiritualist séances, magic tricks or folklore rituals emerging from it.

Curator: Xavier Franceschi