Roman Signer, Kitfox Experimental, KINDL, Berlin, 13/09/14 – 17/05/15

Kitfox Experimental is the title of the work that Roman Signer has especially created for the massive cube-shaped Boiler House at KINDL. “Kitfox Experimental” stands for a particular type of aircraft, which the artist uses in his installation. In the publication that accompanies the opening of the show, Roman Signer gives a brief description of his work: “An airplane hangs about four meters above the ground with its nose pointing downward – a lightweight aircraft. Then there are powerful fans on the walls that cause the plane to move, since it is hanging from a joint that can be turned very easily. And so the wind is supposed to cause the airplane to turn, as if it were spinning in a nosedive as it plummeted downward.” Concrete physical experience is an essential component of Roman Signer’s work. The characteristic background noise of the two fans and the non-stop spinning plane lead to a kind of spatial suction that is impossible to resist – both meditative and discomforting, overwhelming and threatening.