Roman Signer, Le temps gelé, Centre de la Photographie, Geneva, Sept. 19 – Nov. 13 2016

Until November 13, the Centre de la Photographie of Geneva is hosting « Le temps gelé/ Die gefrorene Zeit », a Roman Signer solo exhibition. Known worldwide for his performance art and installations and for his research on the transformation of materials, Signer’s creations are directly related to the passage of time. Since most of his works have been performed only once and often outside traditional art venues, the artist frequently records them on still photographs or videos, thus extending and developing their reception beyond the temporality of the performance.

The title of the exhibition is a reference both to the act of recording light on different supports and to the tracks of smoke, burnt materials and solidified liquids that give evidence of his actions. The reference to a « frozen time » can be also understood literally, due to the artist’s interest in the freezing process as well as in non functioning clocks and watches.

Participating in Documenta 8 in Kassel in 1987 and representing Switzerland at the Venice Biennale in 1999, Roman Signer’s work is ephemeral to a large extent and it breaks up artistic genres and categories much in the same way as he literally blows up many objects-symbols of the consumer society. The purpose of Le temps gelé / Die gefrorene Zeit is to present through photography a little known side of Roman Signer’s work.

The exhibition has been conceived with the curator Carmen del Valle.