Press Review, La Femme de trente ans, Mousse Magazine, #49, Summer 2015

A Woman of Thirty is a novel by Balzac which narrates the undesirable life of a woman in the nineteenth century after her thirtieth year. The exhibition, curated by Caroline Soyez-Petithomme, adopts its title ironically as a link between the visual, symbolic elements and concerns of the various artworks presented. A recurring issue and reference is the sexual sphere, which appears more or less explicit in the works. The excess of the depictions and the incongruity in the context of a gallery transfigure the topic in the direction of exhaustion, the same exhaustion into which the erotic and pornographie industry is transforming sexuality. Paintings by Celia Hempton and Walter Robinson, for example, are inspired by images gathered from live erotic chats. Operating with the banality of global mainstream images, the paintings empty the visual experience of the beholder, referring to the impoverishment process of the new web aesthetics of erotic self-representation.”

« La Femme de trente ans », in Mousse Magazine, #49, Summer 2015, p. 299