Martine Aballéa, La Maison d’en dessous, Le Narcissio, Nice, Nov. 04 – Feb. 10 2017

The latest fictional tale by Martine Aballéa, La Maison d’en dessous (« The House Below »), takes place in one single scene and has emerged from statements, sensations and fleeting images the artist wants to share with us.

Martine Aballéa has visited Le Narcissio, the new space dedicated to contemporary art creation in Nice, when it was still empty and the renovation works were almost completed. Thus, the sounds are especially important, since the space hosts the neighborhood processor and receives all the water pipes from the overhung building! Transpierced by the energy flows and the fluids of the upper world, the artist imagines the space like a submarine. Besides these antagonistic vibrations, the architecture provides her with another element that inspires this imaginary tale, interlacing these interferences in a single focalizing point, represented by an elevated trunk.

The trunk should represent a bed, a love symbol, one of an impossible love, since the combination of these fluids would create an explosive chemical reaction. Starting from the concrete elements of the space, Martine Aballéa invites us to visit and reconstruct an imaginary landscape, in a story she told herself, little by little, and that exists only in the forms she gives it:
The color, essential, bluish, aquamarine, (electric) gold;
The time: that of the absence, real or figurative, where the past unveils and the present questions itself;
The sounds: a sweet, timeless, loving stroll,
And a space that enfolds all of our senses.
All this is mixed and recomposed with reality. Every one of us can then project their own images, their fantasies, immerge in and live a unique experience.

Exhibition: La Maison d’en dessous
Where: Le Narcissio, 16 rue Parmentier, 06100, Nice
Dates: 04.11.16 – 10.02.17, vernissage 03.11.16, 18h30
Institution: Del’Art