Jeremy Deller, The Streets. Where The World is Made, MAXXI, Rome, Dec 7, 2018 – Apr 28, 2019

More than 140 artists and over 200 works to compose the multicultural, polyglot, colorful, scary, stimulating, deafening story of the streets of the whole world, the real great laboratory for discussion, creation, comparison, where the contemporary era is invented. Curated by Hou Hanru and the curatorial team of MAXXI.
In March 2018, a scandal was reported in the press and that had a global impact: in 2016, the firm Cambridge Analytica, with the permission of Facebook, illegally obtained and stored the information of fifty million Facebook users to help Donald Trump’s election campaign. As an immediate response, the London-based artist Jeremy Deller launched a campaign to counter-attack. He distributed posters on “How To Leave Facebook” on the street and provoked large discussions on the issue. With a simple piece of paper with texts printed in low-tech, this campaign, as part of a public art project called “Rapid Respond Unit,” did not just attract great public attention to the scandal. It also added a significant catalyst to revive street life by stimulating public reflections and debates on the omnipresent power of social media in the digital age and the paradoxical nature of high tech.