Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Etre Pierre, Musée Zadkine, Paris, Sept 29 – Feb 11 2018

Jean-Michel Sanejouand presents three stones painted black sculptures, “15 ans après”, “Désert” and “Glissade” (2015), at the Musée Zadkine, on the occasion of the exhibition Etre Pierre.

Starting from carved scultpure artworks by Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967), the exhibition offers a reflection about this privileged material valued by artists. Assembling varied artworks (sculpture, drawing, photograph, video or film) of several generations of artists, the museum opens up dialogue in betweens archeology, primitive art, modern art and contemporary practice.

The Musée Zadkine propose a story in three acts : from origines (Palaeolithic, Neolithic), to the artist’s studio at the heart of the intimate relationship between human and stone, by way of métamorphismes et métamorphoses of mineral matter.