Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Article 132-75, Kunstverein Langenhagen, April 26 – June 16, 2019

With the exhibition Article 132-75, a collective of artists, curators and researchers asks the question “Is it possible to develop critical ideas from a temporary collection of objects without fetishizing or considering them as superfluous? In opposition to a premise wherein the object is figured as the relational element between a human being and his environment, this exhibition examines objects’ inherent faculty of resistance. At the juncture of politics, physics, and ontology, this temporary accumulation attests to the underground, autonomous and non-relational aspect of artefacts, to their capacity for obstruction, their burlesque instability, and their lethal potentiality.

Curators: Gallien Déjean, Emmanuel Guy, Juliette Pollet and Fanny Schulmann, with Reynaldo Gomez and Sif Jeppesen.

Kunstverein Langenhagen
Walsroder Strasse 91A
30851 Langenhagen

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Image: Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Jeu de topo, 1963-1976