Ulla von Brandenburg, Prix Marcel Duchamp 2016, Centre Pompidou, Oct. 12 – Jan. 30 2017

Ulla von Brandenburg’s installation It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon is exhibited at the Centre Pompidou until January 30 2017. The installation has been selected among the four finalists for the Marcel Duchamp Prize 2016 and has been previously exhibited at ACCA (Melbourne), Fonderie Darling (Montréal), and The Power Plant (Toronto).

“To view It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon, visitors are invited to climb a set of stairs that are also an immaculate architectural platform. The exhibition at the Centre Pompidou sees the film presented for the first time in France and offers the opportunity for a new scenography. The film itself is a sequence-shot in Super 16 mm, joined end to end, without any editing, featuring dancers who have worked together for years. The idea was, first of all, to make a colour film about colour. The dancers handle coloured pieces of fabric that are exchanged and incorporated into ceremonies. Their costumes are dyed, literally made from colour. Their movements recall the memory of ancient rituals, their bodies traversed by instinctive rhythms, raised to a state of collective consciousness, recalling the choreographic forms of eurhythmics and of expressionist modern dance.”

Alicia Knock

in Code Couleur, n°26, september-december 2016, pp. 24-27.