Roman Signer, new works, Kestner Gesellschaft, Hanover, 24 Aout – 11 Nov 2018

The Kestner Gesellschaft is featuring the artist Roman Signer (*1938, Appenzell) in an extensive solo exhibition with new works mainly from the past three years. The diverse oeuvre of this internationally renowned Swiss sculptor will be presented with thirteen sculptures and installations as well as five films on both floors of the exhibition venue. Known for his explosive performances, the artist has been working on an expanded concept of sculpture since the early 1970s. Signer focuses on processes, material properties, and working with ordinary objects. His works thus show connections to conceptual art, Land Art, and Arte Povera. Signer augments the three dimensions of sculpture with a fourth: time. Using moving everyday objects such as a moving lawnmower and flying model helicopters, the passing of time and traces of past events are also made visible and tangible as metaphors for transience. The exhibition Roman Signer: New Works also features two walk-in installations that will be presented for the first time at the Kestner Gesellschaft.

Image: Roman Signer, Kajak, 2016, Photo: Aleksandra Signer, Courtesy the artist.