Roman Signer, Projet pour un Jardin, Middelheim Museum, Oct. 29 – Apr. 02 2017

From October 29 until April 2, the Middelheim Museum of Antwerp is going to host « Roman Signer – Projet pour un Jardin », a temporary exhibition dedicated to the famous Swiss artist. Continuing his research on the concept of temporality in sculpture – the « fourth dimension » of sculpture, as art critic Rachel Withers defined it – the artist is presenting to the audience multiple installations and two performances.

The artwork that gives the title to the exhibition – « Projet pour un jardin » («Project for a garden ») – has been especially created for the Middelheim Museum and is now part of its permanent collection. « Projet pour un jardin » is a small maze whose title is a reference to the Swiss city of St. Gallen, Signer’s « personal » garden, where the artist has been living and working since 1971.