Solo Jean-Michel Sanejouand, Frieze New York, May 5-8, 2016

Art : Concept announces its participation in Frieze New York 2016, where we are presenting a solo show by the French historic artist Jean-Michel Sanejouand. Born in Lyon in 1934, Jean-Michel Sanejouand is an emblematic figure of the 1960s’ art scene. Indeed, he influenced a whole generation of artists through the radicalism of his works. Here in Frieze New York we decide to display a series of his most radical figurative paintings; the Calligraphies d’humeur (1968-1978). In correspondence with his paintings, we present his Jeu de Topo (1963) for the first time in America. This board-game-sculpture is made-up of stones and based on players’ imagination and decisions. No winner, no loser, the game is finished when both players achieved a satisfying configuration of stones. Join us at Frieze New York this year!

Video of the Jeu de Topo activated