Caroline Achaintre, Tissage / Tressage : quand la sculpture défile, Villa Datris Foundation, May 19 – Nov 1st, 2018

Caroline Achaintre is part of the group exhibition Tissage / Tressage : quand la sculpture défile  at Villa Datris Foundation from May 19 to November 1st 2018.

For its 8th exhibition in 2018, the Villa Datris Foundation has chosen to explore the different modes of expression of contemporary sculpture through textile art, weaving and braiding. This theme has its roots in ancestral practices and evokes naturally the gestures on the loom, the weft and the warp, the comings and goings of the shuttle and the threads that intertwine and give substance to the textile material. The artists of our time draw from these immemorial gestures a sensitive approach and sensual of the material, fibers, threads or twigs thus crossed and assembled. There is sometimes a philosophy close to that of Arte Povera, anxious to return to the destitution of origins, with modest materials or recovery. The approach of weaving or braiding also distresses the modern parameters of the emergency and reintroduces a another temporality. This work of the hand is correlated with a perception of the work and time, and it introduces a real reflection on the notion of artifact.