Adam McEwen, Art & Entertainment, MAMCO, Geneva, Feb 28 – April 22 2018

Art & Entertainement is a project based on the writings of the American artist David Robbins, about the relationship between art and the notion of entertainment since Pop art, allowing to adopt a different view of the collection of works from the 1980s at the museum. The exhibition has been built up around the clear inversion between the period that runs from the 1960s to the 1990s, and the one that separates us from the start of the 21st century: the desire of artists to act in the cultural industry and circuits of entertainment, has now been replaced (or else referred back to its warped reflection) by celebrities in the cinema or music industry who use artistic formats. Based on this observation of substitution, the exhibition intends to unite the states of the relationship between art and entertainment, ranging from a criticism of the spectacular to the cultural horizon of celebrity, while stripping down their various mechanisms and tools.

photo: Annik Wetter–MAMCO, Geneva