Ulla von Brandenburg
Le parti pris des choses, Centre Photographique Rouen Normandie
November 19, 2022 - March 18, 2023
Ulla von Brandenburg, The Objects, 2009. Film super 16 mm n&b transféré sur HD & dvd blu-ray, sans son, en boucle. 4 min 45 sec. Edition of 5 plus II AP. Courtesy de l’artiste et Art : Concept (Paris) ; Meyer Riegger (Berlin/Karlsruhe) ; Pilar Corrias Gallery (London); Produzentengalerie Hamburg (Hambourg).

In the studio, between the walls of their house-studio, the artists gathered here take for objects spoons, potatoes, toothbrushes up to the indispensable cell phone: all things opportunely banal. In their company, the artists undertake to “disaffect” their medium, be it photography or video. “Nothing is more delightful,” said Francis Ponge [author of Le Parti pris des choses (1942)], “than the constant insurrection of things against the images that are imposed on them. Things do not accept to remain wise as images”.

Produced in Paris in the fall of 2009, The Objects is a black and white film in which Ulla von Brandenburg once again explores the theme of the tableau vivant. In this video, the artist rejects the presence of the human being, who disappears completely to make room for objects; everyday objects that gradually come to life as the camera approaches.

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