Ulla von Brandenburg and Roman Signer
Aller contre le vent at Frac Franche-Comté
January 22 - April 30, 2022
lla von Brandenburg, Le milieu est bleu, 2020. Film super 16 mm, transféré sur vidéo HD, couleur, son / Super 16mm film, transferred to HD video, colour, sound. 23 min 43 Edition of 5 plus II AP. Courtesy of the artist, Art : Concept (Paris) ; Meyer Riegger (Berlin/Karlsruhe) ; Pilar Corrias Gallery (Londres) ; Produzentengalerie (Hamburg)
Roman Signer, Salut – Aktion in Sedrun, 2010, photographie couleur / color photograph , 122 × 122 cm (48 × 48 inches). Edition of 6 plus II AP. Courtesy of the artist & Art : Concept (Paris)

The exhibition offers a journey through the Frac’s collection by bringing together works which, through their performative dimension, engage the living. It reflects the central issue of the collection, which since 2006 has revolved around the notion of time, and its openness to transdisciplinarity, notably through a dialogue with the performing arts. Aller contre le vent thus brings together works whose form is an archive or a trace of “actions”.