Nina Childress
Marathon, la course du messager, Musée de la Poste, Paris/FR
May 15 - September 15, 2024

Group show at Musée de la poste, Paris. 

Co-curators Jean-Marc Huitorel and Dominique Marchès have designed a particularly rich exhibition on the theme of the race and the message. Running as a means of transport, and even more so as an experience in its own right. In particular, the exhibition takes a message-bearing approach to running, in which the race and its message appear inseparable.

With Pierre Ardouvin, Christian Boltanski, Julia Borderie, Lilian Bourgeat, Nina Childress, François Curlet, Nicolas Debon, Anne Deguelle, Marcel Dinahet, Simon Faithfull, Richard Fauguet, Nina Ferrer-Gleize, Hamish Fulton, Zuzanna Janin, Adrienne Jouclard, Benoît Laffiché, Hervé Le Nost, Ndary Lô, Dominique Marchès, Yvan Messac, Joachim Monvoisin, Philippe Ramette, Germaine Richier, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Pierre Tal Coat, Pierre-Philippe Toufektchan, Muriel Toulemonde, Thomas Wattebled, Koffi Max Williams.

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