Nina Childress
Esprit POP, es-tu là ? PLONGÉE DANS LES ANNÉES POP, Les Franciscaines, Deauville/FR
January 28 - June 25, 2023
Nina Childress, Portrait de Sylvie Vartan, 1986. Acrylique, huile, collage sur toile, encadré / Acrylic, oil, collage on canvas, framed. 40 × 60 cm (15 ¾ × 23 ⅝ inches)

A reflection on what the sixties, the pop years, brought and continue to inspire on the aesthetic level.
Sixty years later, we take a look at this so-called “happy” society, sometimes ironically, to better understand what might be lacking in our own.

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, dialogue with William Klein, David La Chapelle and Nina Childress.

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