Michel Blazy
Bouquet Final, 2012. Collège des Bernardins/FR, Mairie du 4ème arrondissement/FR
Michel Blazy, Bouquet Final, 2012, Collège des Bernardins. échafaudage, jardinières, liquide moussant / planters, foaming liquid.
Michel Blazy, Bouquet final. Nuit blanche 2012, Mairie du 4e arrondissement, Paris/FR. échafaudage, jardinières, liquide moussant / scaffolding, planters, foaming liquid.

On an industrial scaffolding structure, thick white foam swells and slowly escapes from plastic planters. The tubs are regularly supplied with foaming liquid. Michel Blazy chose a low-cost product that gives off a familiar scent of lavender in the exhibition space. Driven by invisible air pumps, the foam pours until it becomes too heavy and breaks up. Once on the ground, the foam gradually becomes liquid again. The work must be reactivated every morning.

Bouquet final was presented in 2012 at the Collège des Bernardins (Paris), a former 13th-century Cistercian teaching establishment listed as a historical monument. In the same year, visitors to the Parisian Nuit Blanche – with a program along the Seine – were able to discover this colossal installation in one of the reception rooms of the Mairie du 4ème arrondissement. Allegorizing the excesses of our consumer society, the cascades of foam also echo the opulence of these two venues. Bouquet final makes no secret of its ephemeral, prosaic nature, reminding us that all things are doomed to entropy.