Kate Newby
anything, anything, Klosterruine Berlin/DE
June 8, 2024 - April 27, 2025

Kate Newby, anything, anything, 2024. Clay (“Lumière”), glas, 2 lines, each 500cm x 25 cm. Produced with the support of Rairies Montrieux, France. Exhibition view anything, anything, Klosterruine Berlin 2024, Photo: Robert Hamacher

Kate Newby’s exhibition “anything, anything” addresses the Klosterruine Berlin as a place of permanent change, drawing on the processual and allowing the outside world to become a part of it. Through subtle and expansive interventions into existing structures, the artist draws attention to often overlooked details in everyday life. In doing so, she gives preference to direct experience and establishes a relationship with the built space and its lived environment.

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