Julien Audebert
Le Jardin, miroir du monde, Château du Rivau
April 1 - November 2, 2022

From the symbolism of flowers in the Middle Ages to the current issues of well-being and preservation of the planet, the garden has always fascinated artists who wished to inscribe the sensations that the garden inspired in them in Art.

Some forty artists of our time reveal their vision in the exhibition “The Garden, Mirror of the World”. An invitation to feel the soothing power of the themes linked to the art of the garden, and the ecosystems specific to gardens and to preserve, the inter-pollination between environmental movements and the earthy work of the gardener.

Since 2019, Julien Audebert has been painting and working on a a series of small works with oil on copper. His most recent series, Obsidionales, consists of small oil paintings on copper. These exogenous “flowers of war” moved by the soles of soldiers, railroad or horses, are painted, centred in the middle of the frame, as a child would do, done “alla prima” (a technique imposed by the adhesion on the copper). These works place the war and the decorative in tension, in create conflagration between the subject and an often invisible historical underpinning.

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