Jeremy Deller
Sortir le travail de sa nuit, CCC OD, Tours/FR
February 16 - September 1, 2024

Vue d’exposition / Installation view « Sortir le travail de sa nuit », CCC OD, Tours, France, février 2024. Photo by: Aurélien Mole

“Sortir le travail de sa nuit ”* (Bringing work out of its darkness)* aims to open the way for a cross-disciplinary reflection on the notion of invisibility. It’s about work that’s invisible, about globalized mechanisms that are omnipresent and structuring, yet remain opaque, and about voices that fail to make themselves heard, remaining inaudible in public spheres. The aim is also to broaden the horizon and examine the phenomena of disappearance and erasure through a more aesthetic, philosophical and poetic lens.

Punctuated by abstract or metaphorical incursions, ghostly or enigmatic presences, and words chanted to remedy a lack of representation, the exhibition unfolds along three thematic axes: women’s work and care, globalized exchanges where the movement of goods and the migration of beings intersect, and dematerialized digital work and its new forms of hidden exploitation.

These are all fields that reactivate the problem of social invisibility addressed by Jacques Rancière more than twenty years ago, when he spoke of “the struggle of proletarians to bring work out of its night – its exclusion from common visibility and speech ”**, a struggle that still resonates today with current political events.

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