Jeremy Deller
Long Gone. Sound as Medium. Marta Herford Museum for Art, Architecture, Design, Herdford/DE
November 5, 2023 - February 25, 2024

Jeremy Deller (in collaboration with Nicholas Abrahams), Our Hobby is Depeche Mode, 2006. Video, 67 Min., Installation view (“Long Gone, Still Here – Sound as Medium”, Marta Herford 2023) © 2024 the artist and Marta Herford, Photo: Hans Schröder

This international group exhibition is dedicated to sound as a medium and to hearing as sense perception. It is about how hearing influences our everyday experiences. It focuses on the perception of sound, music, tones, and noises, and what they can affect.

The works of art presented in the exhibition, some of which were developed especially for it, are experienced via the sense of hearing and the entire body. They use the architecture as a resonance chamber and demonstrate how the auditory impression is also shaped by the design of the space.

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