Philippe Perrot’s paintings are always about family. But he constantly interrupts the narrative function of the image, with each canvas suggesting various skits without reality divulging any family secrets. Nevertheless, his singular way of painting the signs and images suggests something of their weight and their influence on the organisation of pictorial space. The varying effects of scale contribute to altering the latter’s homogeneity. The point is to disconcert the gaze of the viewers and make them seek new reference points and follow aleatory lines of thought. It is by maintaining a permanent non-resemblance between the signs and their signification, creating a disjunction between the image and its referent, that this challenge the viewer attains its full meaning.
(Evence Verdier / Translation : L.S Torgoff).

The work of Philippe Perrot (Paris, 1967 – Paris, 2015) is present, among others, in the following institutions: MOMA, New York; MOCA, Los Angeles; Frissimas Museum, Athènes; FRAC Ile de France, Paris; FMAC Ivry syr Seine; CCCG, Gennevilliers.

Exhibitions: Le monde vous appartient, Palazzo Grassi, Venise (2011) ; Rosa et Carlos de la Cruz, Miami (2007); Art: Concept, Paris (2004).

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