Vidya Gastaldon et Jean-Michel Wicker, Sans titre, 1994-1996 sticker, pen, coloured pencil on paper, 29.5 x 21 cm (hors cadre) coll. MAMCO, artist donation © MAMCO Genève

Vidya Gastaldon and Jean-Michel Wicker began their collaboration at the end of their  studies they both attended at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Grenoble and continued to develop throughout the 90s. Together, they have worked in mediums as diverse as video, drawing, performance, print and textile sculpture. This exhibition is based on a donation by the artists to the MAMCO consisting of some twenty works on paper and several installations.

MAMCO Geneva
Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 10, 1205

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Roman Signer Installation am Bielbach Montafon Silvrettasee, Silvretta-Bielerhöhe im Montafon. Photo: Miro Kuzmanovic

Wind, water, energy – Roman Signers ‘Installation am Bielbach’ is now on view at the Silvretta reservoir at more than 2000m altitude at Bielerhöhe, Montafon.
The work was realized by Roman Signer in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Bregenz and illwerke vkw AG on the Bielerhöhe in Montafon at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The absurd manipulation — a water jet becoming an architectural element, and a liquid element a static structure and thus a sculpture — is typical of Signer’s work.

Silvretta reservoir
Bielerhöhe, Montafon/AT

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Performance: Ulla von Brandenburg, Blaue und Gelbe Schatten, Performance at Georg Kolbe Museum, 2021, Photo: Enric Duch © Bildarchiv Georg Kolbe Museum

Using Passage Sainte-Croix for its primary function – i.e., as a pathway through one of Nantes’ oldest neighbourhoods – Ulla von Brandenburg transforms it by spreading her work throughout the arcade. The artist’s different media (videos, installations and sculptures) inhabit the passageway, unfolding as visitors walk through the exhibition. Like different acts of a play, the artist divides this work into chapters, inviting visitors to contemplate them as they stroll through Passage Sainte-Croix.

Passage Sainte-Croix
Rue de la Baclerie
44000 Nantes – FR 

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Jean-Luc Blanc, Jeanne Angkor, 2020, oil on canvas, 150 × 120 cm © Romain Darnaud

The gallery is pleased to announce it’s participation in the 2021 edition of Art Paris

Caroline Achaintre, Jean-Luc Blanc, Ulla von Brandenburg, Corentin Grossmann, Miryam Haddad

Art Paris
from September 9 – 12, 2021
VIP & Prestige private view September 8 from 11:00 – 21:00

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Ulla von Brandenburg, Fü-Fü-Fü-Fü-Fünf, 2006, performance, 5′

Ulla von Brandenburg
Fü-Fü-Fü-Fü-Fünf, 2006

“A man in a suit, sitting on a table and holding his head in his hands, performs a song in German: this playlet imagined by the artist Ulla von Brandenburg seems close to a small street theater, like a fairground act from an ancient folklore background.”
Featuring: Benoît Résillot et Giuseppe Molino. 
As part of Tableaux vivants, performances in the museum. 

June 26, 2021
15:00 – 18:00
Musée, niveau 4
Free admission

Le Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou
75004 Paris – FR

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Miryam Haddad in her studio, 2021 © Claire Dorn

Miryam Haddad’s solo show at the FRAC Auvergne will be on view from October 2 to December 30 2021.

In collaboration with:
Printemps de Septembre festival from September 17 to October 17, 2021 as part of the artist’s exhibition at the Abattoirs, Musée – FRAC Occitanie, Toulouse.

FRAC Auvergne
6 Rue du Terrail
63000 Clermont-Ferrand/FR

Michel Blazy, E133-8, 2018. Food coloring E133, salt, water on foam-core cardboard, 64,5 × 50 cm (25 ⅜ × 19 ⅝ inches)

Michel Blazy will present several works in the exhibition
Miroir du ciel
from July 4 to October 10, 2021

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, the eac. has been invited by the ADIAF to join the celebration of this event. The event will bring together throughout France more than a dozen events and exhibitions through the networks of the Frac and art centers.

eac – Espace de l’Art Concret
Château de Mouans
06370 Mouans-Sartoux/FR

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Michel Blazy, Mur de pellicules rouge, 2002-2015, water, agar-agar, acrylic, food colouring, wallpaper paste, variable dimensions. Installation view: On the metaphor of growth, Kunsthaus, Basel/CH, 2011. Photo: Viktor Kolibàl

Caroline Achaintre, Michel Blazy & Ulla von Brandenburg

La Couleur crue
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes
12.06.21 – 29.08.21

From June 12 to August 29, on the occasion of the summer art event “Exporama” and in echo to the exhibition at the Couvent des Jacobins “Beyond Color. Black and White in the Pinault Collection”, the Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes presents “La Couleur crue”.

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes
20 Quai Emile Zola
35000 Rennes/FR

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Ulla von Brandenburg, Sweet Feast, 2018, Super-16 mm film, colour, sound, 9.18 min & Das ist Was, 2018, Painted fabrics, dimensions variable. Installation view “Diversity United”, Flughafen Tempelhof Berlin, 2021 Photo: Silke Briel / © Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur, Bonn

Diversity United – Contemporary European Art. Berlin. Moscow. Paris.
with Ulla von Brandenburg
Exhibition from June 9 to September 19, 2021
at Flughafen Tempelhof, Berlin

Flughafen Tempelhof
Hangar 2+3
Access via Hangar 2 Columbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin/DE

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Artist Miryam Haddad, 2021. Photo: Claire Dorn

Miryam Haddad will present a solo show at Les Abattoirs, Musée – FRAC Occitanie as part of the festival Le Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse
09.17.21 – 10.17.21

In collaboration with the FRAC Auvergne, as part of the exhibition Là-bas, sous le ciel d’orage (Over there, under the stormy sky) from October 2 to December 30, 2021.

Les Abattoirs, Musée – FRAC Occitanie
76 allées Charles-de-Fitte
31300 Toulouse/FR

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