We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the show:

Caroline Achaintre
The Seeker
23.05 – 20.07 2024

Opening on Thursday May 23, from 5 pm.

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We put our hands in the water is the debut dieDAS art initiative. The exhibition is a cooperative project realized by the academy, curator Daniel Marzona, and the city of Naumburg, and intends to promote and spread the cultural and social values of the academy beyond Saaleck.

We put our hands in the water features work by artists Ulla von Brandenburg and Olaf Holzapfel.

Ulla von Brandenburg’s large-format fabric panels will transform the rooms into vibrant, stage-like settings reminiscent of dreamlike worlds. The artist describes her works as “spatial stagings” that bring together folklore, songs, theater, dance, and architecture to explore both the individual as well as the dynamics and functioning of community and society between chaos and regularity. In this way, von Brandenburg’s pieces formally examine aspects of the theatrical within the visual arts and conjure up delicate moments between utopia and reality, leaving the gap open for new perspectives and the previously unthought-of.

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Kate Newby’s exhibition “anything, anything” addresses the Klosterruine Berlin as a place of permanent change, drawing on the processual and allowing the outside world to become a part of it. Through subtle and expansive interventions into existing structures, the artist draws attention to often overlooked details in everyday life. In doing so, she gives preference to direct experience and establishes a relationship with the built space and its lived environment.

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Nina Childress, Jazy, 2014. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas, 195 x 130 cm. Collection Fondation Colas.

Group show at Musée de la poste, Paris. 

Co-curators Jean-Marc Huitorel and Dominique Marchès have designed a particularly rich exhibition on the theme of the race and the message. Running as a means of transport, and even more so as an experience in its own right. In particular, the exhibition takes a message-bearing approach to running, in which the race and its message appear inseparable.

With Pierre Ardouvin, Christian Boltanski, Julia Borderie, Lilian Bourgeat, Nina Childress, François Curlet, Nicolas Debon, Anne Deguelle, Marcel Dinahet, Simon Faithfull, Richard Fauguet, Nina Ferrer-Gleize, Hamish Fulton, Zuzanna Janin, Adrienne Jouclard, Benoît Laffiché, Hervé Le Nost, Ndary Lô, Dominique Marchès, Yvan Messac, Joachim Monvoisin, Philippe Ramette, Germaine Richier, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Pierre Tal Coat, Pierre-Philippe Toufektchan, Muriel Toulemonde, Thomas Wattebled, Koffi Max Williams.

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Jeremy Deller, Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You, 2021. Polyester, 300 x 800 x 150 cm.
Courtesy de l’artiste ; Art Concept (Paris) ; The Moderne Institute/Toby Webster Ltd. (Glasgow)
Collection privée Frédéric Jousset. Photo: Hangar Y, 2024

Art : Concept is pleased to announce the inauguration of the artwork by Jeremy Deller, Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You, Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from 5 to 9 pm on the occasion of the opening of the “Rayon Jouets” exhibition at Hangar Y, Meudon/FR.

Both a sculpture and a children’s slide, Ask the Animals and They Will Teach You offers an alternative to the tradition of public monuments celebrating historical events or people elevated to the status of “heroes”. Here, Jeremy Deller pays tribute to one of the world’s oldest creatures, the chameleon, which, according to the inscription at the base of the sculpture, has lived on Earth for sixty million years. Now threatened with extinction, the chameleon is used here to challenge the idea that art in public spaces has no other vocation than to fulfil a decorative or commemorative function. By inviting children to slide along the reptile’s tongue, the monument becomes playful, inviting them to appropriate the space through play.

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A conversation between Jacob Kassay and Ajay Kurian

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024


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Brooklyn, NY