We are pleased to announce the second solo show by Giuseppe Gabellone at Art : Concept.

Tania Pérez Córdova, Tu, yo, nosotrxs, ustedes, ellxs (You, Me, Us, You, Them), 2022, detail. Marble, personalized cosmetic contact lenses, one or more people wearing contact lenses of a color different from their natural eyes. 0.8 x 21.7 x 13.8 inches (2 x 55 x 35 cm). Commissioned by Museo Tamayo, Mexico City. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Gerardo Landa y Eduardo López (GLR Estudio)

Generalization is the first survey of artist Tania Pérez Córdova (b. 1979, Mexico City) in a United States institution, featuring a selection of twenty-four works made over the past ten years, as well as objects specially commissioned for this occasion.

The exhibition presents a reading of Pérez Córdova’s work through issues that her artistic endeavors have sought to address: the passage of time, the nature of materials, the gaze of the other, the imminence or possibility of an action, the way in which we assign value to objects, negative space, and more recently, the insufficiency of discourse.

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Vidya Gastaldon, Teapot, salad, poltergeist, 2012. Acrylique et huile sur toile / Acrylic and oil on canvas. 60 × 70 cm. Courtesy the Artist ; Wilde, Genève and Art : Concept, Paris.

Group show.

Houses of Tove Jansson is the largest exhibition in central Europe and France to explore the artist’s vast life and career. The exhibition is the first of its kind, providing new takes on the artist’s heritage as seen through the eyes of a diverse group of contemporary artists. It also showcases works and ephemera that have not been displayed publicly before.

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Ulla von Brandenburg, Le milieu est bleu, 2020.
Super 16 mm film transferred to HD video, color, sound, 23’43”
Courtesy of the artist and Art : Concept (Paris); Meyer Riegger (Berlin/Karlsruhe/Basel); Pilar Corrias Gallery (London); Produzentengalerie (Hamburg)
In partnership with the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, le Théâtre du Peuple, Bussang, the CND Centre National de la Danse, Pantin and the Opéra National de Paris. Full credits.

With the aim of “creating and organizing a contemporary art event of international stature, in which sound – in all its forms – constitutes the heart of the event”, this biennial brings together sound installations and silent works in which sound is induced, as well as a series of events (sound performances, concerts, public discussions, etc.) across different venues, towns and villages (Sion, Martigny, Loèche, Sierre…).

As part of the exhibition Echoes of a Collection. Œuvres du Frac Franche-Comté (curated by Sylvie Zavatta, director of the Frac, in collaboration with Christophe Fellay, artist and teacher at EDHEA, Jean-Paul Felley, director of EDHEA) from September 16 to October 29, 2023 in Martigny (Switzerland) will include the following works by Ulla von Brandenburg : The Record (2005-2014) and Le milieu est bleu (2020), which are part of the Collection of Frac Franche-Comté.

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Ulla von Brandenburg, It Has A Golden Sun and An Elderly Grey Moon, 2016, super 16 mm, couleur, son, 22:25 min., danseurs : Duncan Evennou, Hélène Iratchet, Christophe Ives, Viviana Moin, Giuseppe Molino, Benoît Réssilot, Pauline Simon, photos © Martin Argyroglo, Courtesy the Artist, Art:Concept, Pilar Corrias Gallery, Meyer Riegger, Producers Gallery Hamburg

Le titre de l’exposition “It Has a Golden Sun and an Elderly Grey Moon” fait référence à une œuvre de 2016 d’Ulla von Brandenburg (1974, vit et travaille à Paris et à Karlsruhe), qui est au centre de l’exposition. Dans la présentation expansive, dans laquelle le film, la performance, l’architecture et l’installation sont combinés, le spectateur pénètre dans un monde entre réalité et illusion, passé et présent. 

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Jean-Luc Blanc, Sans titre (écrire à table avec enfant Alien), 2018. Crayon sur papier / Pencil on paper. 29,7 x 21 cm. Courtesy the Artist and Art : Concept, Paris.
Kirchgasse Gallery, Didactic Poetry, Installation View, 2023 / Photo: Cedric Mussano / Courtesy: The artist and Kirchgasse Gallery

Avec Virgina Ariu, Jean-Luc Blanc, Andrea Celeste La Forgia & Max Fletcher, Costanza Candeloro, Thomas Hesse, Elza Javakhishvili, Peter Kamm, Sarah Lehnerer, Birgit Megerle, Angelbert Metoyer, Mathis Pfäffli, Matthias Sohr, Megan Francis Sullivan, Anna Zacharoff

1st Verse: The Gallery Opening
2nd Verse: The Classroom Lecture
3rd Verse: The Studio Visit
4th Verse: The Living Room Dinner

The exhibition Didactic Poetry brings together paper works arranged in small groupings by 15 artists. Their narration takes shape at the intersection of didactics and poetry. In their practices, the artists pursue and exhibit a relational critique of, a precise sensitivity to, and a finely honed notion of this charged dynamic. The works reflect different concepts and understandings of pedagogy, labor, poetry, and gallery.

In the dynamic of didactics and poetry, there exist aporias that yield discursive and social potentials. The ancient genre of didactic poetry (German: Lehrgedicht) is associated with a high degree of metapoetic self-reflection. The exhibition considers the question as to what extent the didactic potential inherent in the works provides insights into the artists’ poetic intentions and those of the works themselves.

Varying settings highlight the conditions in which different modes of engagement take place, allowing for changes in the status of the works and the roles of the actors involved. In this context, conceptualizations, positions, and conditions of artworks are examined, insofar as they are capable of generating their own discourses, but are also available as applied pedagogical tools.

The question of how a gallery can contribute to educational endeavors involving pedagogical practices, social engagement, and intellectual enrichment will be juxtaposed and integrated with the gallery’s usual range of tasks on July 1st. We extend a warm invitation.

Threads exhibition at Arnolfini. Image by Lisa Whiting Photography for Arnolfini. All rights reserved.

Arnolfini welcomes you to discover Threads, a major exhibition featuring 21 contemporary international artists and makers, who use textiles as their chosen medium. Celebrating material and making, these artists use the storytelling power of textiles to connect with past traditions, find commonalities between cultures, time and place, and to ‘breathe stories into materials’. Co-curated by leading textile artist Alice Kettle, Threads weaves throughout Arnolfini’s three floors, to reveal how textiles ‘remember’, how memory is ‘embedded within the process of making’ and how new narratives are created.

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