lla von Brandenburg, Le milieu est bleu, 2020. Film super 16 mm, transféré sur vidéo HD, couleur, son / Super 16mm film, transferred to HD video, colour, sound. 23 min 43 Edition of 5 plus II AP. Courtesy of the artist, Art : Concept (Paris) ; Meyer Riegger (Berlin/Karlsruhe) ; Pilar Corrias Gallery (Londres) ; Produzentengalerie (Hamburg)
Roman Signer, Salut – Aktion in Sedrun, 2010, photographie couleur / color photograph , 122 × 122 cm (48 × 48 inches). Edition of 6 plus II AP. Courtesy of the artist & Art : Concept (Paris)

The exhibition offers a journey through the Frac’s collection by bringing together works which, through their performative dimension, engage the living. It reflects the central issue of the collection, which since 2006 has revolved around the notion of time, and its openness to transdisciplinarity, notably through a dialogue with the performing arts. Aller contre le vent thus brings together works whose form is an archive or a trace of “actions”.

Richard Fauguet, Sans titre, 1997. Vénilia découpé / Cut-out Venilia. Dimensions variables / Variable dimensions. Collection FRAC Auvergne (1998). Vue d’exposition / Installation view Plus haut que les nues – 20e anniversaire du Prix Marcel Duchamp. FRAC Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, 22.02.2022 – 30.04.2022. Photo Ludovic Combe

Richard Fauguet is part of the exhibition Plus haut que les nues – 20e anniversaire du Prix Marcel Duchamp at FRAC Auvergne.

Organized on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of Prix Marcel Duchamp, the exhibition brings together works from the FRAC Auvergne collection. All of them were created by artists who participated in the famous prize.

The two works by Richard Fauguet on display are part of a series of eighteen figures in cut-out venilia acquired by the FRAC Auvergne in 1998. They are silhouettes of key works in the history of art applied in series to the walls.

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After presenting the work of Tania Pérez Córdova in 2019 in a group show named Indus 2, Art : Concept organises her first solo exhibition in France. The artist takes over the gallery with her most recent works, created for the occasion.