FIAC invites you to spend a day with Ulla von Brandenburg. Visit the artist’s studio in Paris and learn more about her studies, the evolution of her work from theatre set designs to art and the importance of films, texts and history in her artistic practice. She chose to take FIAC to the Musée Gustave Moreau and The Palais de Tokyo.

Video: InstanT Productions. Courtesy FIAC, Paris 

An extract from Die Strasse, 2013. B&W film with sound, 11’20”

An extract from Shadowplay, 2012. HD video, black and white, sound. 7 minutes

An extract from Singspiel (Songplay), 2009. 16mm film, b&w, sound, 14’34”

An extract from Tanz, makaber (Danse macabre), 2006. Super 8mm video, black and white, silent, loop. 56 sec

The Record, 2005–2014. Excerpt. Super 8mm-film transferred to HD video, b&w, with sound. 58″