Andrea Zegna, Chris Sharp, Emmanuel Perrotin, Hanru Hou, Lorenzo Benedetti, Massimiliano Gioni, Michele Robecchi, Nicolas Trembley, Olivier Varenne, Simon Castets and Xavier Veilhan share the moment of their first encounter with the work of Roman Signer.

Interview with Roman Signer on his solo show, Sculptures, presented at Art : Concept, Paris from October 30 to December 23, 2015
Roman Signer – Tracks ARTE, 2014

Roman Signer – By relating the artistic gesture to explosives, the artist makes a booming entrance into the history of art.

Alphorn, 2009, 0’45”

Punkt, Weissbad, 2006, color film, sound on dvd, camera: Aleksandra Signer, 1’36’’

An extract from Heufieber / Hayfever, 2006, color video, sound, 2’27”
camera: Aleksandra Signer

An extract from Kajak, 2000, color film, sound on dvd. Camera: Tomasz Rogowiec, Editing: Aleksandra Signer, 5’20”

An extract from Schwarzes Tuch, 1994, camera : Aleksandra Signer

Hocker, 1992, Super-8 Film, 0`52“