Jacob Kassay, Untitled, 2012, eight copper cavities, gravel, external diameter : 304 cm

In 2012, Jacob Kassay was invited to take over the space of The Power Station in Dallas. NO GOAL is a set of interventions that emphasizes the raw, industrial architecture of the exhibition space. Some of the gestures are very minimal – opening the window, removing some of the lights, or opening the sliding garage door at the average height of a gallery wall – and others more substantial. Outside, he installs eight hollow bronze forms lightly filled with the same gravel as the driveway. The shadows cast by the copper allow us to perceive these forms,  a sort of dotted line suggesting a circle.

“Each [object] has its own particular cadence, resulting from the separateness of each, albeit with rather blurry borders. One might focus on these borders to suggest that there is no object, only a convenient fiction of the mind. Close inquiry at the edge of an object reveals that its solidity is fabricated; that the object is instead a radical fraying: porous, trembling, a dynamic glut of flux. Implicit in this perspective is an effective atomization of the world, where one can always look closer and see that things are not what they seem.”

Extract of the exhibition’s press release “Parts and wholes and holes and parts”, itself took from the text « Appoggiatura » from Jacob Kassay and Ajay Kurian.

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