Artists and architecture, variable dimensions, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, 15.10-17.01.16

For the first time, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal dedicates all of its exhibition space to contemporary art. Fifty six French and international artists, some renowned and others emerging, put in question and challenge Architecture, its issues and stakes, through one of their works.
Installations, videos, sculptures, sound devices, drawings, photos, paintings…These pieces, exceptional loans from private collectors, artists or galleries, compose a unique overview, put together for the first time. This true archipelago of creations, filtered through the different architectural issues, explores the physical and virtual fluxes, redefines urban times and public usage, questions temporality and globalisation as well as nature’s place and collaborative economy where spaces and measurements interact, to rethink architecture, not only in its physical substance but also as a social organisation.

This new urban landscape also inflects in the role played by cities, urbanism and buildings in the practical and conceptual research of contemporary artists. The bilingual book conceived by Didier Gourvennec Ogor and Gregory Lang guest curators for this exhibition- bears witness to this. The book contains over 260 works, gathered from a field research, and from experimental discoveries during their visits to fairs, collections and artists studios.

Artists and Architecture, Variable dimensions, is based on the conviction that artists highlight and reveal potentials capable of enriching and transforming our shared ambitions to build together the world city of tomorrow.