Ulla von Brandenburg
Sweet Feast, Le Parvis, Ibos/FR
February 28 - May 4, 2024
Ulla von Brandenburg, Sweet Feast, 2018. Film Super 16 mm (transferé sur vidéo HD), couleur, son,11 min 25 s. Edition of 5 plus II AP

With Sweet feast, Ulla von Brandenburg invites us to enjoy an immersive, joyful, physical and mental experience, based on the themes that permeate her work: theater, fabric, stage, color, movement and ritual. With his highly holistic approach, the artist has imagined a total project for Le Parvis, uniting the exhibition space of the contemporary art center with that of the Hall, which guides public circulation to the adjoining theater and cinema.

In the art center, two large-scale textile environments follow one another, hosting three films as visitors make their way through, proving once again that for the artist, working with space and the body are never separate. While in the Hall, a monumental wall drawing evokes the round, pop and acidic aesthetics of the seventies, and celebrates the venue’s fiftieth anniversary.
These two spaces, which respond to each other through a dichotomous narrative between interior and exterior, empty and full, develop a “looping” language that returns visitors to the immanence of the installation, to the place that welcomes them. With Sweet feast, Ulla von Brandenburg invites us to take part in a veritable voyage of initiation into color and matter, into other spaces and temporalities.

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