Ulla von Brandenburg, Ombres bleues et jaunes
Le Voyage à Nantes, Passage Sainte-Croix
July 3 - September 12, 2021
Performance: Ulla von Brandenburg, Blaue und Gelbe Schatten, Performance at Georg Kolbe Museum, 2021, Photo: Enric Duch © Bildarchiv Georg Kolbe Museum

Using Passage Sainte-Croix for its primary function – i.e., as a pathway through one of Nantes’ oldest neighbourhoods – Ulla von Brandenburg transforms it by spreading her work throughout the arcade. The artist’s different media (videos, installations and sculptures) inhabit the passageway, unfolding as visitors walk through the exhibition. Like different acts of a play, the artist divides this work into chapters, inviting visitors to contemplate them as they stroll through Passage Sainte-Croix.

Passage Sainte-Croix
Rue de la Baclerie
44000 Nantes – FR 

More information: www.levoyageanantes.fr