Ulla von Brandenburg
1833 : une jeune fille, une machine et leur amitié, Image / Imatge Centre d'art , Orthez
19 novembre 2022 - 18 février 2023
Ulla von Brandenburg, Parasol, 2019, tissus, ouate / fabrics, wadding. 263 × 215 cm. Vue de l’exposition / Installation view 1833 : une jeune fille, une machine et leur amitié, commissariat Ida Soulard, image / imatge centre d’art, novembre 2022. Photo Gaëlle Deleflie

Textiles, whether woven, embroidered or sewn, are among the industrial forms most suited to the logic of capital (through its codified abstraction that facilitates its mechanical reproduction). In their vernacular form, they can escape the market and the eye of power. They can exist in the foreground or the background, attract the eye or disappear, be camouflaged, folded, hidden, worn, hung. The works presented in this exhibition are both silent and encoded with multiple meanings. If we know how to look at them, they tell stratified stories, individual and collective, of struggles, workers, feminists, and resistances.

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