Nina Childress
« Hedy Lamarr, l’invention d’une star » de Claudia Collao - Flair Production / Lucien TV 2018 (extrait)

In this excerpt from the documentary directed by Claudia Collao, Nina Childress traces the genesis of her portrait of Hedy Lamarr.

While she was one of the great stars of the golden age of Hollywood, Hedy Lamarr died in near anonymity in 2000, 42 years after her last film appearance. Revealed by her role in the sulphurous “Ecstasy”, by Gustav Machatý, the Austrian actress then worked with some of the most talented directors in Hollywood, such as King Vidor, Jacques Tourneur and Victor Fleming. This woman who was long ranked among the most beautiful women of her time was also a scientist with a formidable intuition, who laid the foundations of the wi-fi technique. This is one of the many surprises in this amazing biography of Hedy Lamarr.

Full version of the documentary on OCS.