Jeremy Deller
CRAC Montbéliard, Video program by Chloé Serre et Pauline Delwaulle
March 29, 2022
Jeremy Deller, Rythmasspoetry (in collaboration with Cecilia Bengolea), 2015. HD Video. 6 min 29 sec. Edition of 3 plus II AP. Courtesy of the artists and Art : Concept, Paris

Jeremy Deller and Cecilia Bengolea have roamed together Lyon’s urban area. When the artists meet Denis Trouxe, former deputy mayor, responsible for culture and heritage in the city of Lyon, Cecilia Bengolea writes with him a rap song with lyrics both ironic and voluntarily exaggerated. Denis Trouxe accepts to interpret it in his Champagne-au-Mont-d’Or (a West Lyon prosperous suburb) opulent-looking villa – accompagnied by Domy Caramel, Latys Shye, and Sarah, three dancehall dancers from Vaulx-en-Velin, to the east of the city. This gives a strange music video that links, for a few moments, two sides of an urban area that do not have many opportunities to meet.

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