Jacob Kassay, Brush, 2020
Jacob Kassay, ‘Brush’, 2020 – Interview filmed in March 2022 at Art : Concept, Paris.
Courtesy of the artist and Art : Concept, Paris

The installation is composed of seven bricks placed on the ground, without any particular arrangement. These bricks come from the “Brush Brothers Brick Company”, created in Buffalo (New York, USA) in the middle of the 19th century.

On each of them, the word “BRUSH” – sometimes misspelled – was stamped in this manufacture that employed many immigrants.

Like the workers who worked there, these objects are anonymous. However, as time progressively changes their shape and color, the bricks gain a certain individuality. Thus, they seem to be a nod to Ad Reinhardt’s 12 Rules for Pure Art (1957): ‘no forms, no design, no colors…’. Jacob Kassay’s playful use of the word ‘brush’ cleverly alludes to the act of painting.

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