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In November 2022, the Musée des beaux-arts de La Chaux-de-fonds will organize a monographic exhibition dedicated to the artist Nina Childress. This exhibition offers an incursion into the artist’s work by evoking the body through one of its parts, a part particularly linked to the representation of the self: the hair. The artist applies all the variety of her painting to it.

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Healing Painting (Chasse aux esprits), 2015. Huile sur tableau trouvé / Oil on vintage painting. 32,5 × 40,5 cm (12 ¾ × 16 inches). Courtesy the artist and Art : Concept, Paris. Photo Claire Dorn

Figures of care since medieval times, patients and diseases, touching and being touched, the infinitely small… Fascinating themes evoked by this exhibition as transversal as it is philosophical.

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Hubert Duprat, Volos, 2013. Lame de hache, pain d’argile, plastique / Axehead, raw clay, plastic approx.: 56 × 20 cm (22 × 7 ⅞ inches). Edition of 5. Courtesy the artist and Art : Concept, Paris. Photo Rebecca Fanuele

The work can be quickly described as follows: it is an ordinary loaf of clay, still in its original packaging, placed vertically, into which a polished axe made of dark stone dating from the Neolithic period is stuck. How could sculpture be simpler? In this respect, it seems very singular in Hubert Duprat’s body of work, but it nevertheless echoes the artist’s other creations, notably by the extent of its historical charge.

The loaf of earthenware is as it is found in the shops, Duprat having not taken the trouble to remove it from its protective covering. In this way, the container and the content make it a ready-made of a particular kind, comprising from the outset the promises of nature and artifice. While affirming its literalness, it presents itself as a raw material promised to some unknown future form. On the formal level, the parallelepiped under which the commercial clay is presented is of an already undone geometry. The thin plastic film ensures the preservation, albeit provisionally, of its humidity, of an “original” state. Once the skin is removed, the malleable material would enter an irreversible state, frozen in an irremediable sterility. Conceptually and materially, this object thus embodies the very idea of power as much as its opposite.

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Jean-Luc Blanc, Jeanne Angkor, 2020. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas. 150 × 120 cm (59 × 47 ¼ inches). Courtesy the artist and Art : Concept, Paris. Romain Darnaud

Through the figures of emblematic spies, from Mata Hari to Carrie Mathison, and from OSS117 to Edward Snowden, this exhibition explores a new history of the relationship between cinema and espionage. It establishes as a starting point a mirror game between the two disciplines, practices par excellence involving capture, simulacrum and dissimulation.

The exhibition will travel to the CaixaForum in Madrid (from October 29, 2023 to June 29, 2023) and in Barcelona (from March 31, 2023 to November 29, 2024).

In 2016, Le Portique hosted the exhibition Pull Over Time by Michel Blazy. In his second solo exhibition at Le Portique, the artist pursues his reflection on the world of the living, its mutations and evolutions.

Six Feet on Earth invites the visitor to reconnect with the earth, the soil, to literally “take root”, in order to reconnect with nature and plants. “I like the simplicity of this title: it contains in a synthetic way, the idea of death and life.

Generalization is the first solo exhibition of Mexican artist Tania Pérez Córdova (Mexico City, 1979) in a national institution that presents a representative selection of the last 10 years of her artistic production, as well as objects commissioned especially for this occasion. 

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This autumn, The Civic, Barnsley are delighted to be hosting the touring exhibition Warning Graphic Content, from Modern Institute, Glasgow and Art : Concept , Paris. The exhibition brings together all of Jeremy Deller’s print and poster works from 1993-2021. 

The exhibition serves as a retrospective and chronological account of Deller’s thinking, a visual manifestation of his ongoing – and shifting – interests and advocacy. Aligning the poetic with the polemical, Deller’s poster and billboard works have increasingly taken on a more urgent even political dimension throughout the years. 

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Richard Fauguet, Saint Jacques, 2015. Clay, seashells, glass, aluminum, plaster. 34 × 64 × 47 cm. Courtesy the artist and Art : Concept, Paris. Photo Dorine Potel

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Kubus art prize, jointly established by Sparda – Bank Baden – Württemberg and the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, will be awarded for the fifth time in 2022.

This year, three artists have been nominated whose work can be linked to sculpture in the broadest sense: Ulla von Brandenburg (1974 in Karlsruhe), Camill Leberer (1953 in Kenzingen) and Ülkü Süngün (*1970 in Istanbul). They mount an exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart in their own rooms.

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