Caroline Achaintre
Home is Where You're Happy, Stiftung Haus Mödrath/DE
October 8, 2023 - August 25, 2024
Exhibition view: Home Is Where You’re Happy, Haus Mödrath, 2023/2024.
Photo Simon Vogel, Cologne

Group show.

The works of the participating artists all directly or indirectly address the themes of home, domesticity, and family life, with all its happy (and tricky) implications. The exhibition’s title, Home Is Where You’re Happy, is borrowed from a song written by Charles Manson, whose childhood home was anything but happy, and who eventually founded his own murderous “Family.” Thematically linked through an array of dialogues, the artworks are representatives of all the psychodynamic processes, fantasies, and memories still haunting Haus Mödrath.

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