Cremona Contemporanea | Art Week stems from the need to reaffirm in Italy and abroad the value of Cremona through a dialogue between its places and contemporary artists. The cultural heritage in the city area, which counts numerous historic buildings, small and large squares, private galleries and disused spaces to be rediscovered, needs to be reactivated, enhanced and promoted.

Cremona has been a crossroads of changes, theater of interesting cultural and political ferments, tensions and conflicts, and has seen the passage of important families who have left traces which are still visible today. The project aims to give voice and life to this important artistic and cultural chapter (and capital) of the city and to witness the vitality and richness of the cultural and social status of Cremona.

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Vue d’exposition / Installation view La main (et) le gant, 2024, Musée Jenisch Vevey, Vevey/CH Courtesy Musée Jenisch Vevey. Photo Julien Gremaud.

A symbol of power, devotion, and seduction, as well as an indispensable tool for tactile exploration for workers and artists alike, the motif of the hand and glove is explored from the 16th century to contemporary art in this exhibition. Featuring a selection of works from the museum’s collections and enhanced by external loans, this thematic display sheds new light on the narrative functions of the hand, both bare and gloved. The drawings, prints, sculptures, paintings, and videos assembled here testify to the hands’ creative and symbolic power and their chosen accessories, gloves.

Curated by Philippe Piguet, historian, art critic, and independent curator, with the assistance of Margaux Farron, curatorial assistant.

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Group show at Musée de la poste, Paris. 

Co-curators Jean-Marc Huitorel and Dominique Marchès have designed a particularly rich exhibition on the theme of the race and the message. Running as a means of transport, and even more so as an experience in its own right. In particular, the exhibition takes a message-bearing approach to running, in which the race and its message appear inseparable.

With Pierre Ardouvin, Christian Boltanski, Julia Borderie, Lilian Bourgeat, Nina Childress, François Curlet, Nicolas Debon, Anne Deguelle, Marcel Dinahet, Simon Faithfull, Richard Fauguet, Nina Ferrer-Gleize, Hamish Fulton, Zuzanna Janin, Adrienne Jouclard, Benoît Laffiché, Hervé Le Nost, Ndary Lô, Dominique Marchès, Yvan Messac, Joachim Monvoisin, Philippe Ramette, Germaine Richier, Jean-Jacques Rullier, Pierre Tal Coat, Pierre-Philippe Toufektchan, Muriel Toulemonde, Thomas Wattebled, Koffi Max Williams.

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Jeremy Deller, Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You, 2021. Polyester, 300 x 800 x 150 cm.
Courtesy de l’artiste ; Art Concept (Paris) ; The Moderne Institute/Toby Webster Ltd. (Glasgow)
Collection privée Frédéric Jousset. Photo: Hangar Y, 2024

Art : Concept is pleased to announce the inauguration of the artwork by Jeremy Deller, Ask the Animals, and They Will Teach You, Wednesday, May 15, 2024, from 5 to 9 pm on the occasion of the opening of the “Rayon Jouets” exhibition at Hangar Y, Meudon/FR.

Both a sculpture and a children’s slide, Ask the Animals and They Will Teach You offers an alternative to the tradition of public monuments celebrating historical events or people elevated to the status of “heroes”. Here, Jeremy Deller pays tribute to one of the world’s oldest creatures, the chameleon, which, according to the inscription at the base of the sculpture, has lived on Earth for sixty million years. Now threatened with extinction, the chameleon is used here to challenge the idea that art in public spaces has no other vocation than to fulfil a decorative or commemorative function. By inviting children to slide along the reptile’s tongue, the monument becomes playful, inviting them to appropriate the space through play.

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A conversation between Jacob Kassay and Ajay Kurian

Tuesday, May 14th, 2024


93 Scott Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Roman Signer
Installation mit Kajaks [Installation avec / with kayaks], 2003 Kayaks
410 × 30 × 60 cm (x11)
Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris
Vue d’installation de l’exposition La Collection, Rendez-vous avec le sport, galerie 11, niveau 2, exposition présentée du 4 mai au 9 septembre 2024 à la Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris.

In resonance with the passage of the Olympic flame, the Fondation presents in the famous building of Frank Gehry, «The Collection: A Sports Meeting».

A selection of works from our Collection is on display at the second level of the building. In their polyphony, they offer a poetic and offbeat look around the theme of sport. From Galerie 9 to Galerie 11, the works of five French and international artists are brought together.

Artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andreas Gursky, Omar Victor Diop, Abraham Poincheval, Roman Signer

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The exhibition Stammtisch by Collectif Le Salon and its seven guest artists explores the complex symbolism of traditional meeting spaces. The project comprises 15 publications, each offering a personal interpretation of the Stammtisch (“table of regulars”) concept, inspired by different perspectives, all gathered around one table.

The Stammtisch project will extend beyond its launch at the Journées photographiques de Bienne. Through a series of events, it aims to a discourse on community, collaboration and collective identity in the in the digital age.

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« Jacob Kassay’s works assimilate all the conditions in which they are exhibited. The same stands true of the expectations that these conventions have created for the production of art as well as other types of goods, such as those whose desirability conceals a dose of mystery and a dose of frustration. »

–Extract of the press release, Julie Portier, 2024