Tania Pérez Córdova, Strike, 2019, Installation View. Curva Blu Open studio, Favignana, 2019. Courtesy the artist and INCURVA. Photo: Ilaria Orsini

Thursday, November 30, 7pm, Tina Kim Gallery, New York, USA.

Tania Pérez Córdova’s performance, In OtherNews, will be followed by a conversation with Humberto Moro, artist and curator of her show at SculptureCenter, New York, Generalization.

Tania Pérez Córdova’s In Other News (commissioned for her 2022 exhibition at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City) is a live reading presenting a continuous flow of recent world events, a collection of headlines rewritten to abstract from any specificity (names, spaces, times), resulting in a single line that has the tension of a story. The work serves as a review of the world outside of the gallery during the time of her exhibition. It functions as a backdrop to a collective experience which, as in most of Pérez Córdova’s work, describes an ongoing narrative that deviates and reconfigures into new forms as it unfolds. At the same time, the juxtaposition of events, almost unintentionally, evinces the contradictory nature of social and political events and their intersections across geographies and socio-political spheres. 

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Jean-Luc Blanc, Jeanne Angkor, 2020. Huile sur toile / Oil on canvas.150 × 120 cm (59 × 47 ¼ inches). Courtesy the Artist and Art : Concept, Paris. Photo Romain Darnaud

Through the figures of emblematic spies, from Mata Hari to Carrie Mathison, and from OSS117 to Edward Snowden, this exhibition explores a new history of the relationship between cinema and espionage. It’s the starting point of a play of mirrors between the two disciplines, practices par excellence involving capture, simulacra, and concealment.

Travelling exhibition:
From 05/10/2022 to 14/05/2023 Cinémathèque française – Musée du Cinéma, Paris
From 29/06/2023 to 29/10/2023 Fundación la Caixa, Madrid
From 29/11/2023 to 31/03/2024 Caixa Forum Barcelona

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Art : Concept is pleased to present a new solo show by Julien Audebert.

“Man is this night, this empty nothingness that contains everything in the simplicity of this night, a wealth of representations, infinitely multiple images, none of which precisely come to mind […]. It’s this night that we discover when we look into a man’s eyes – we plunge our gaze into a night that becomes frightening, it’s the night of the world that comes forward here to meet each and every one of us.”*

In his new series entitled La nuit du monde, Julien Audebert translates the philosopher’s nocturnal thought. Hegel developed the idea of thought as a passage between two nights: the one from which we must extract ourselves to gain knowledge, and the more perilous one into which we must plunge again at the end of the mind’s journey.

By painting these portraits on copper, Julien Audebert creates a circulation in which this meaning of passage is embedded.
The portrait is built around two holes, the result of an action by the artist who, through this breakthrough, explores the limits of representation and the materiality of his support. Through this gesture, the void becomes the place where the artist’s gaze and that of the viewer meet.

*Friedrich Hegel

Michel Blazy, Corail, 2009. Crème dessert au chocolat et à la vanille, oeufs sur bois grignoté par des souris / Chocolate and vanilla cream dessert, eggs on wood nibbled by mice. 60 × 80 cm / 65,5 × 85,5 × 5,5 cm (framed). Courtesy the Artist and Art : Concept, Paris.

The exhibition explores different variations of the symbiotic perspective within the creations by some twenty artists. Although presented non-chronologically, the exhibition is situated in comparison to the canon of linear perspective through the presence of a drawing by Niccolò Martinelli (known as Il Trometta, c. 1540-1611). The exhibition reminds us that certain 20th-century artists initiated a paradigm shift, notably Claude Gilli (1938-2015) and Jean-Luc Vilmouth (1952-2015) who are shown here.

With Art Orienté Objet (Marion Laval-Jeantet & Benoît Mangin), David Bihanic, Michel Blazy, Clément Borderie, David Christoffel, Edith Dekyndt, Laurent Derobert, Claude Gilli, Jérémy Gobé, Andy Goldsworthy, Victoire Inchauspé, Susan Jacobs, Chloé Jeanne, anne marie maes, Ariane Michel & Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Valérie Mréjen, Luc Petton, Tomás Saraceno, Niccolò de Martinelli, dit il Trometta, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Yang Zhichao.

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Jeremy Deller (in collaboration with Nicholas Abrahams), Our Hobby is Depeche Mode, 2006. Video, 67 Min., Installation view (“Long Gone, Still Here – Sound as Medium”, Marta Herford 2023) © 2024 the artist and Marta Herford, Photo: Hans Schröder

This international group exhibition is dedicated to sound as a medium and to hearing as sense perception. It is about how hearing influences our everyday experiences. It focuses on the perception of sound, music, tones, and noises, and what they can affect.

The works of art presented in the exhibition, some of which were developed especially for it, are experienced via the sense of hearing and the entire body. They use the architecture as a resonance chamber and demonstrate how the auditory impression is also shaped by the design of the space.

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