Jeremy Deller, English Magic, 2013, vidéo HD, couleur et son sur dvd blu-ray / HD video, colour and sound on blu-ray dvd, 14 min 23 sec, Edition of 6 plus I A. Courtesy of the artist, Art : Concept, Paris and The Modern Institute, Glasgow

English Magic was conceived and created for the British Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale (2013). It reflects the artist’s interests in British society, its culture and its social and political environment.

This new edition of Super Room dedicated to present works which relate to the concepts and environments of connection / closeness / togetherness / empathy and community.

Super Dakota honours and refers to Poetics of Relations, a theoretical text by Martinique-born philosopher Edouard Glissant who called attention to means of global exchanges that do not homogenize culture but produce differences from which new systems can emerge.

Right to left, works by Ulla von Brandenburg, Annette Messager and Hélène Delprat. Photo © Gérard Jonca et Luc Riolon / Sèvres – Manufacture et Musée nationaux

Ulla von Brandenburg was invited by the Manufacture de Sèvres, along with Hélène Delprat and Annette Messager, to create decorations on vases with characteristic French shapes.

For her “grand feu firing”, Ulla von Brandenburg tackled the themes of dance, theatre, carnival and the circus, using warm colours drawn from a palette of more than 1,000 shades.

This exhibition, a co-production of Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains and the Pinault Collection, questions the way in which artists approach, explore and appropriate the essential question of the crossing, a metaphor for the evolution of our humanity. It shows the systems of representation that refer to the state of the world or the way in which artists help us to understand the issues at stake as we contemplate the future of humanity.