Richard Fauguet, Sans titre, 2011. Éléments de fumisterie, lampes et câblage électrique / chimney engineering/ aluminium pipes and lamp. 1 300 × 400 × 350 cm. Courtesy the Artist and Art : Concept, Paris. Collection Mac/Val, Vitry-sur-Seine/FR. Photo André Morin.

Chimney pipes form a thirteen-meter-long carriage pulled by four riders. The interior is a disproportionately enlarged chair where visitors are invited to sit. Defying the industrial use of material, the artist magnifies steel tubes, a smoky element, to create a monumental sculpture. He plays on the double meaning of the word, “fumiste” referring to both a heating engineer and an unserious person. Since the 1990s, Richard Fauguet has been observing chimneys and the varied shapes of heating pipes and systems. He finds the figure of Darth Vader in chimney vacuum cleaners. A recurring motif for the artist, here he takes on the appearance of a modern-day knight. The artist’s work borrows materials from everyday life: formica, Vallauris glass, Pyrex, steel tubes. He assembles a variety of elements, both flashy and obsolete, to create a kitschy discrepancy between form and substance, on the edge of art history and popular culture. This three-dimensional construction game echoes the assembly practices of the Nouveaux Réalistes.

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About Richard Fauguet

Experience #10 – 2012/2013.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of “Expériences Pommery”
Curator : Bernard Blistène, director of the cultural development department at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, France.

“Making cheap look chic.”

For this exhibition, Richard Fauguet reuses and assembles vintage opaline. Taking advantage of the vitreous transparency of the glass and their shape, the artist transforms these obsolete everyday objects into exceptional lighting fixtures.

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