Hubert Duprat - La Verrière, Fondation d
Hubert Duprat - La Verrière, Fondation d'entreprise Hermès - Bruxelles

26.04-12.07 2014

La Verrière se pare de galuchat et de polystyrène pour une installation originale de l’artiste français Hubert Duprat, dans le cadre du cycle Des gestes de la pensée. Une nouvelle exposition monographique qui, autour d’un subtil jeu de textures entre le naturel et l’artificiel, défie nos références. Mêlant volontiers des éléments minéraux, organiques ou végétaux à des matières synthétiques ou industrielles, Hubert Duprat est un artiste de la transversalité. Né en 1957, inclassable au sein de la scène française actuelle, il surprend toujours par la nature, la forme et le processus de fabrication de ses pièces depuis les sculptures précieuses construites par des trichoptères qui l’ont fait connaître au début des années 1980. Il poursuit depuis lors une œuvre toujours plus singulière, s’appuyant sur une grande érudition dont l’étrangeté du résultat formel résiste à l’interprétation..


Vidya Gastaldon - L
Vidya Gastaldon - L'illusion des lumières - Palazzo Grassi - Venise

Until 31.12.2014

The exhibition “The Illusion of Light” explores the physical, aesthetic, symbolic, philosophical and political stakes of an essential dimension of human experience that has also been, since (at least) the Renaissance, a fundamental element of art: light. It is the light that makes the invisible dimension become visible. The blazing light that, at its maximum intensity, nullifies the ability to actually see. The light of revelation, of illumination, which brings us beyond the visible… The exhibition is built on these extremes and, through the works of 18 artists from the 1960s to today, evokes the profound ambivalence of light, its numerous meanings and values. Thus, the visitor could discover it as if going through all the synonyms of the verbs “to light up”, “bring to light”, “come to light”, “shed light on” provided by languages: appear, bring to notice, clarify, comment on, detect, dig up, disclose, elucidate, emerge, enlighten, explain, expose, identify, lay bare, manifest, materialize, reveal, set alight, set on fire, shine, show up, transpire, turn up, uncover, unearth, unveil…Clearly, the exhibition does not exhaust the vast field of questions posed by contemporary artists on these concepts. However, it encourages the visitors to invent, in absolute freedom and in light of their own intelligence and sensibility, their path between the opposite polarities of black and white, day and night, reality and illusion.

The exhibition “The Illusion of Light” is curated by Caroline Bourgeois.


Alexandre Singh - The Humans - Festival d
Alexandre Singh - The Humans - Festival d'Avignon

05.07-09.07 2014

Gymnase Aubanel, Avignon

The Humans, the first play written and directed by Alexandre Singh, commissioned by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, premiered at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (September 2013) and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York (November 2013, during Performa13). The Humans is being presented from 5 to 9 July 2014 as part of the official selection of the 2014 Festival d’Avignon in the Lycée Gymnase Aubanel. Alexandre Singh also designs the official poster of the 68th Festival d’Avignon.

The Humans tells the story of two spirits named Tophole and Pantalingua, who would rather see the Earth not created. The work is modeled on the comic writings of Aristophanes and set during the dawn of time and space. In a battle against the egomaniacal Creator, Tophole and Pantalingua conspire their way to an accidental Paradise Lost, ultimately corrupting the eponymous humans being portrayed as a vast, songful, and statuesque Greek chorus into the flawed mortals we are today.


Hubert Duprat - MONA - Hobart - Tasmanie
Hubert Duprat - MONA - Hobart - Tasmanie

jusqu'au // until 27.07.2014

French artist Hubert Duprat creates in a world that MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Australia, loves exploring - evolutionary and organic processes.

Hubert Duprat’s self-taught practice exists in the space between artistic heritage and investigation of the world – a true collaboration of artistry and science. His experiments have formed a body of work over a number of decades that evokes both prehistoric symbolism and technical adaptation. His intention isn’t to surprise or to create ‘out of the blue’; each one of his pieces is the result of a precise and tangible moment that pinpoints a significant experience. He stands at the crossing of two worlds: the world of free artistic expression, and the world of rationally organised artifacts.